Mobile casino games are the future of casino gaming


Development of Mobile Casino Games


Mobile casino gaming has exploded over the last few years and has changed the face of casino gaming forever.  With the spread of internet access casino operators have been able to develop their games especially for the mobile market and with it a rapid growth of casino gaming as well as sports betting.  People spend much of their time on their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets because it is much more convenient and they can be used anywhere and at any time.  These mobile devices are no longer only used to make phone calls or for texting, but can now be used for playing the online slots real money Canada has to offer, and other mobile casino games.  Many online casinos have mobile sites designed specifically for mobile players and players can access these from their smartphones or tablets.


Mobile devices also include what is known as wearable technology and these were first used as fitness aids such as the Fitbit which monitors heart rate and such.  Although these wearable devices are not as popular yet for casino gaming this is expected to change as developers begin developing games specifically for these.




Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch seems to be the next step in the future of mobile gaming and has been well received.  Casino players will find apps that have been developed for the Apple Watch and include games such as Slots Time which can be downloaded from the iStore.  These are not available to be played for real money just yet.  Sony has also developed a Smartwatch and these are compatible with a Blackjack app from the Play Store.  It may be a while before real money casino games can be played on a Smartwatch, but players may be able to access an online casino using their Smart Watch which will work in a similar way as a smartphone.




Smartglass technology is a recent development this device could potentially be used for playing online casino games.  Smart Glasses make use of apps viewed by LCD projection that are inserted into the glasses.  Popular brands such as Google as well as smaller developers are working on making Smart Glasses available for casino gaming.  Smart Glasses that are currently available are Google Glass and Glass Up. Google Glass has been deemed illegal for use in US land-based casinos as it can be used to cheat with.  Players can however use them to play online casinos games such as Blackjack from Google.  This is only available to play for free and can be accessed from the Play Store.  Glass Up supports Android and iOS as well as Windows 8 although all the games available can only be played for free.  Smart Glasses are like smartphones for eyes.


Virtual Reality Headsets


Virtual Reality headsets are a great prospect for online casino gaming as players can enjoy a real casino experience by using devices such as the Oculus Rift headset.  This headset is the most popular, but there are others such as the Sony Morpheus which supports PlayStation 4, Samsung Gear and Microsoft HoloLens.  With a Virtual Reality headset players are able to navigate around a virtual casino and play casino games.  This experience is a great way to enjoy the convenience of online casino games at home with the atmosphere of a real casino.


The world of online casino gaming is changing and with the introduction of the internet players can enjoy mobile gaming using their mobile devices as well as wearable devices such as watches, glasses and Virtual Reality headsets.  These developments are changing the way players play online casino games.

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